Credit Intelligence



Credit Intelligence is key to ensuring your business makes the most of profitable business relationships and to safeguarding it against customers who cannot pay. Reliable credit intelligence can make the difference between business success and failure.

Information quality is the real difference you gain by using Euler Hermes. It sets us apart as the world's leading credit insurer.

This difference has been created over many years of industry leading experience. It also comes through our strategy of being close to your customers, through our regional offices in the UK and Euler Hermes’ international network of trade and country specialists.

It delivers an enhanced understanding of your customers that is based on information gained outside your own commercial relationship.

Our clients know that with Euler Hermes they have a business critical information partner and insurance provider with one of the most extensive business information networks in the world.

The Key is Quality Information

Credit information is only as good as the quality of the underlying data and analysis. At Euler Hermes we make huge investments in collecting proprietary information and generating knowledge of our clients’ customers. Our unique intelligence systems distinguish us from other credit insurers and information companies – helping you avoid the risks of customers whose financial health may be deteriorating and focus your sales efforts on quality prospects.

When it comes to alerting your business to changes in risk or potential bad debt, the best quality information will prove its worth time and time again.

credit intelligence Opinions

In the current economic climate, regular credit checks on clients are more important than ever, especially when trading abroad.

Under the terms of our policy you will need to be able to justify trading below your Discretionary Limit, and as a client of Euler Hermes UK you can benefit from our online credit opinion service, Credit Intelligence Opinions, helping you to trade with the right customers both in the UK and abroad.

Drawing on the proprietary UK and global risk intelligence from our global risk office network, our information is also more up to date than other credit information agencies. We also offer a positive monitoring service-free of charge. Quick and easy to use, you can access the service using EOLIS, our online policy management tool.

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