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airline services

"The aviation industry is a typical example of a sector that is inevitably reliant on international relationships for trade..."

​Brooks Bros

Seeing the wood from the trees
"Late payment is an inevitable fact of business life, a
challenge to every credit team, however sophisticated."

​Gamma Global

Making a world of difference
"The threat of suffering a ‘bad’ debt is an unfortunate fact of life for every business, and of particular concern for companies buying and selling on the international stage."
Country Focus- France.png

​Country Focus: France - Euler Hermes Collections

Trade and the payment culture
in France
"France has a strong tradition of international trade, both import and export, and with average payment times decreasing, now may be a good time to enter the market."
Country Focus- Germany.png

Country Focus: germany- Euler Hermes Collections

Where cash is king
"Phil Mercer, Head of Euler Hermes Collections UK, and Benjamin Hinz, CEO of Euler Hermes Collections Germany, lift the lid on German payment culture, the collections process, and how attitudes to credit are beginning to shift."

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Country Focus- Italy.png

​Country Focus: Italy - Euler Hermes Collections

Trade and the payment culture
in Italy
"When it comes to attitudes towards personal finance the Italians are committed savers. Borrowing is not particularly common among individuals, nor perhaps all that necessary, given that they have the highest average personal savings of any European country."
Country Focus- Poland.png

​Country Focus: Poland - Euler Hermes Collections

The eagle flies
"Poland has come a very long way in a comparatively short time."
Country Focus- Spain.png

​Country Focus: Spain - Euler Hermes Collections

Taking the bull by the horns
"Phil Mercer, Head of Euler Hermes Collections UK, and Belén Díaz, Head of Collections at Euler Hermes Spain, offer an expert guide to the credit culture and the collections process in Spain."
Country Focus- USA.png

​Country Focus: USA - Euler Hermes Collections

Ripples on the pond: Credit culture and collections in the US
"Being in debt is a fact of life in the US. Indeed it is expected. Similarly to here in the UK, it is almost a necessity to incur debt – such as through the use of credit cards..."