The average global DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) has remained stable since 2010. However the time needed to collect trade receivables continues to be very uneven across companies, countries and sectors. Many companies still have to wait 90 days or more to get paid by their clients.

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Overdue invoices can severely affect the day-to-day running and financial stability of your business. That's why professional accounts receivable management is vital to safeguard your business solvency. For many companies, especially SMEs, managing this alone can be a big challenge and a strain on their core business.

Focus on what you do best - building your relationships with your clients, not chasing them for money. That’s where the Euler Hermes Collections Team can help.

Find out more in the UK and Ireland Collection Reports:

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Collection Profile: UK   Collection Profile: Ireland

Our expertise and local presence helps your business recover bad debts domestically and worldwide.

Our primary aim is to secure full payment as quickly as possible whilst maintaining your relationship with your customer.

Our proven approach to collecting overdue invoices for businesses of every size and from every sector is based on years of specialist worldwide debt recovery experience.

Our collector's first task is to call the debtor and send a first demand letter requesting full and immediate payment of the overdue account. We then begin an intensive series of debt collection calls, letters and emails in order to secure payment.

We will make every effort to collect the overdue account pre-legally, but should the debt remain unpaid after amicable efforts are exhausted, it may be necessary to proceed with legal action, if possible and with your agreement. If legal action does become necessary, we can offer competitive legal fees and export litigation, from a pre-legal review through to enforcement.

  • What happens if I don’t act quickly?


Time is money – literally. Act quickly to avoid wasting time and money.

Very often the reason you haven’t been paid is because your debtor has cash flow problems. Your debtor probably owes other people money too and those creditors might be quicker than you in collecting their outstanding payments. Don’t come last in the race to get your money.

An overdue invoice should be passed to us as soon as possible. You can even send it to us the day after payment is overdue.

  • Why?

Failure to send us your claims early will cost you money. You aren’t a bank for other companies. As long as your debtors aren’t paying you, your money is working for them.

Avoid difficult negotiation processes by leaving them to our global experts. Avoid the cost incurred by recovering the debt yourself.

We have over 6,000 specially trained staff in our global network in over 50 countries across 5 continents. We have the best business intelligence about more than 40 million companies at our fingertips. Our staff focuses on protecting your business.

Talk to us and join the 60,000 clients worldwide, who have benefited from our services.

Win-win outcomes are our goal. We always try to protect your relationship with your debtor, without losing sight of your objective to recover your debts.

Our competitive pricing policy means no collection, no commission. Therefore, we look after your money as if it were our own.

Staying out of court is our number 1 priority, but we have a high success rate when legal action proves necessary.

With our online service you can place quick debt collection orders and monitor the status of your collection case 24/7.

You are in control. We will consult you before making any decisions or spending a single penny of your money.

  • Euler Hermes Collections App

The Euler Hermes Collections app provides you with in-depth knowledge of collection practices across the globe. Learn about the local payment culture, legal proceedings and insolvency regulations for different markets to help guide your decisions and manage your expectations when trading internationally.

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  • Collection practices per country

How complex is collecting debt around the world? The Euler Hermes Collection Complexity Score and Rating provides an answer to this question with a simple assessment of debt collection procedures in each country helping support decisions and manage expectations when trading internationally.

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> Euler Hermes collection practices - Interactive map

> Global DSO Report - July 2016

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