Vlog: 2 Minutes about Brexit

Every week, our economists and risk experts answer one of your questions on Brexit. From the most unexpected impacts of Brexit to how much some sectors are affected, watch the videos now!


18 November 2019

The impact of Brexit from an Irish perspective

In this 6th video, our Head of Risk Underwriting in Ireland, Mike Buggy, talks about the impact of Brexit from an Irish perspective.



5 November 2019

3 ways Brexit impacted us as a company

In this fifth video, our CEO for UK and Ireland Milo Bogaerts talks about 3 ways Brexit impacted us as a company. Watch now to discover how we managed these impacts!



28 October 2019

3 major wins and threats of the Brexit deal

PM Boris Johnson managed to get a majority on his Brexit deal on 22 October. However, as expected, he didn’t get support for a fast ratification process. In this 4th video, our Senior Economist for Europe Ana Boata shares the three major wins and threats of this Brexit deal.



21 October 2019

Top 3 impacts to UK companies since the Brexit vote

In this 3rd video, our UK Head of Risk Underwriting Will Machtus explains how UK companies have been impacted since the Brexit referendum.



14 October 2019

Top 4 countries impacted by a no-deal Brexit

In this 2nd video, our Head of Macroeconomic Research Alexis Garatti tells us about the top 4 economies that would be the most impacted by a no-deal Brexit.



7 October 2019

Top 3 unexpected impacts of Brexit

In this first video, our senior economist for Europe Ana Boata talks about the top 3 unexpected impacts of Brexit. Watch now to discover what they are!




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